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Welcome to the owners page of Luxury Apartments Amsterdam. This page provides information for owners of apartments, who have the intention of renting out their apartments shortstay through the Internet.

What we offer.

Luxury Apartments Amsterdam at this moment offers apartments for a period of at least three days. Since we were asked whether it would be possible to put apartments on our site by third parties, we decided to change our site in order to fascillitate other owners to do so. Initially, all the work on the website will be carried out by B&B Vastgoed Amsterdam, the administrator of this website. In the near future, we also offer the opportunity to owners to manage their own apartments and opt for online booking or booking on request. If you want to know how this site was created, please visit the About us page.

Shortstay legislation.

As mentioned earlier, B&B Vastgoed Amsterdam is currently managing this website. Also, B&B Vastgoed Amsterdam has an official license to mediate in renting out apartments by third parties.

What is short stay?

Short Stay is ment for expats, seeking temporarily accomodation in Amsterdam. It is a system of regulated tenancy of residential properties. The minimum period of stay is one week and the maximum is six months.

Short stay and tennants

Are you coming from abroad and want to rent living accommodation for a period of 1 week to 6 months? Then it is important that you choose a home with a short-stay permit. This is your guarantee that you are renting a home legally. Ask the Expat Center( about the possibilities. You can also come to the Expat Center( for your residence permit and your registration with the municipality.

Short stay houseowners and estate agents

In Amsterdam one needs a permit for letting out a house for Short Stay. The owner of the property will apply for a permit at the local council (Stadsdeelkantoor)( in the district where the property is located. The permit will be valid for ten years. Only rental properties in the deregulated housing market where the rent is above the minimum monthly amount (142 points; as of 1 July 2008, this is equivalent to €647,53 (from 1 July 2009) will be eligible to apply for a short stay permit. The minimum period of short stay is one week and the maximum is six months (any period exceeding six months falls into the standard residential category).

Read more here(­english/­seeking/­short_stay/­houseowners_and)

Short Stay Policy

The basis of the permit system for short stay accommodation is a temporary reallocation of the housing stock as laid down in Art. 30 of the Housing Allocation Act.

Short Stay Policy will facilitate the reallocation of residential properties for the purpose of short-term accomodation. Being able to offer this type of accomodation is considered vital for Amsterdam's national and international economic position.

You can find more details about Short Stay Policy in the Beleidsnotitie Short Stay (­noodzakelijke/­homepage_pro/­publicaties/­virtuele_map/­documentatie_dienst/­regels_en_0/­short_stay) (Dutch)

Joining us

Since we are an official mediator, the municipality can, if requested, examine our records.

If you are interested in having your apartment on our site, please contact us for further information and conditions.

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