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At Schiphol airport you will normally find a lot of taxi's standing in line in front of the arrival terminal. The average fee to the centre of Amsterdam is 50 euro's, and will take about fourty minutes. Each taxi must have a sticker on the window showing the rates, and a taximeter inside the car with a clear visible display.

In town there are several taxi stands were you can take a taxi, or you just wave your hand at one that is passing by. Despite a ban on refusing short yourneys, there are stil some taxi drivers who will refuse a short trip, yet the majority of the drivers, especially TCA, will not have any problem with it.

You can order a taxi, we can provide one from Schiphol airport to the apartment for € 40,-, by sending a mail.

Tram, Bus and Metro

The public transport is an easy way to get around in Amsterdam. You can buy tickets, the strippenkaart, in most tobacco shops, in machines at the station or in the tram or bus. Most of them run from 7 AM till midnight and some of them run during the night. If you are a frequent user of the public transport you can consider buying the I Amsterdam Card that will give you an unlimited travel in all GVB trams, busses and metro's for 33 euro's a day.

You can find more information on the Public Transport Site.

Train Stations

The main station in Amsterdam is the Central station. Here all the trams, trains, busses and metro come together. It takes about twenty minutes from Schiphol Airport to the Central Station. There are several more stations in Amsterdam. Information about Holland by train, you can find at the Dutch Railways website.

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